Prepare Your Home For Real Estate Photography.

Multiple studies have shown that homes marketed with professional photography
get more showings and therefore the property sells faster and for more. Follow this guide below to prepare your home for Real Estate Photography.

The most important room in the house is the kitchen. Buyers consider this the focal point of the house. Here are some of the things sellers should do in order to get the best possible kitchen photographs.
-Clear off the kitchen counter
-Take all notes, magnets, and pictures off the fridge
-Hide the dish-cloth and soap
-Obviously no dirty dishes anywhere
-Clean, Clean, Clean…..stove top, counters, floors
-If you have under-counter lighting, make sure it all works
Bathroom renovations are among the most costly renovations in any house. Even if your baths have not been upgraded, you can still show them off.
-No visible tooth-brushes
-Put out a fresh soap bar, or better yet, a soap dispenser
-Hide all cosmetics
-Fresh towels hung from racks
-Full roll of toilet paper on the dispenser
-Clean, Clean, Clean….everything.
This room should look comfortable, inviting and relaxing. NOT overstuffed with furniture.
-Dust and vacuum everything
-A couple of decorative pillows on the couch
-Lamps all work properly
-Remove any excess furniture
-Make sure curtains, drapes or blinds are in good condition and clean
De-Clutter, and follow these tips.
-Should only contain a table, chairs, and hutch
-Less is more: Remove excess chairs
-Take any extra centerpieces off of the table, or make it smaller.
-Flower or Glass Vase center-piece on the table is ok
-Clean, Clean, Clean…everything
Should appear not too busy or cluttered.
-Remove everything off the dresser top
-Night-tables are for a lamp and maybe one book
-Make sure lights and lamps all work (Turn All Lights ON)
-Beds properly made
-Use a duvet and accent pillows
-Make sure curtains or blinds are clean and in good condition
Front and backyards are the first impressions. Follow these steps.
-Curb Appeal starts with the front yard
-Rake leaves, clear off the driveway and sidewalk
-Curb Appeal also includes the backyard
-Grass cut, any bare patches filled in
-All toys and tools packed away
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